Stronger Bones and Joints

Our body is supported by the bone structure and these bone structures are connected by joints. As we see now people are prone to early bone loss and joint degeneration. Stress level, environment, food intake, weight, age and daily activities are some of the causes of early degeneration of bones and joints. As we need to keep up with the busy schedule, we tend to neglect what we eat to replenish what is loss from the body.

Calcium improves bone density. We need to take in certain amount of milk and dairy products to maintain healthy calcium level in our body. Calcium rich food like broccoli, spinach, green leafy vegetables, cheese, yogurt, soy beans, bone broth etc.  As for joints, collagen is the main component in our cartilage. As we move daily, we need to replenish the right amount of collagen so to keep joints healthy. In fact, collagen consist of 30-40% of protein compound in our body. Collagen is essential to maintain healthy function of muscles, organs, ligaments, tendons, hair, nails and skin. Examples of foods that help your body to produce collagen are like bone brothegg whites, citrus fruits, beans, leafy greens, chicken, fish, shellfish, tropical fruits, berries. But are you getting enough of all these foods everyday?

green beans natural remedies for joint pain Photo : Green beans can help boost immune system and lower inflammation.

Joint pain occur when our collagen output is more than the input, in which joint protection synovial fluid and cartilage is challenged. Collagen loss at these areas causes the joints to be very near to each other or worst rubbing against each other. This causes joint pain or growth of bone spurs over time.

There are many natural remedies to relieve joint pain. Massage and acupuncture are some of the common ways to relieve pain. To lose weight in overweight individual is essential to reduce the pressure on our knees. One of the natural food for joint pain relief is turmeric. You may add turmeric powder in your food or rice daily for its anti-inflammation properties. Also the same question do you take turmeric powder everyday?

Natural Collagen Supplement

Joint collagen supplement helps to replenish collagen loss from the whole body plus maintaining healthy joint function. Collagen hydrolysate (hydrolysed gelatin) is one form of food collagen supplement that is available in the market to help with joint problems. Studies found that 10g of pure collagen hydrolysate aka Bioactive collagen peptides improves joint mobility and reduces joint pain in sportsmen after 12 weeks of treatment.

Bioactive Collagen Peptides

RECOGEN Original contains 100% Natural Bioactive collagen peptides (BCP). BCP has very low molecular size (3000kDalton) which makes it highly absorbed from our body. Bioactive collagen peptides molecule moves to targeted joints once taken into the body. 10g of Recogen everyday helps to relieve joint pain and improves muscle recovery. Studies also showed that BCP reduces bone loss and prevents osteoporosis. RECOGEN has no sugar, suitable for diabetics and will not add on weight to the body.

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