Rose Hip Extract and Collagen Hydrolysate in Arthritis

Rose Hip and Collagen Hydrolysate has Synergistic Effect in Reducing Symptoms of Arthritis

An observational study was done by Bernd.W and colleagues in Germany on the effects of rose hip and collagen hydrolysate in arthritic pain. 108 subjects were involved in this study and all of them are over 50 years old. They were treated with a joint supplement containing 0.5g rose hip extract and 5g collagen hydrolysate over 12 weeks. It was found that the WOMAC pain score in the maximum affected knee was confirmed after 8 weeks whereby the intake of NSAIDs and other pain medications could be reduced by 15.5% in these medicated patients. Major symptoms of arthritis such as joint space in between affected knee, morning stiffness in affected knee, impaired movements in affected knee, osteochondroisis in affected knee were monitored in the study. It was found that patients with these symptoms showed improvements. It is a promising study to show the benefits of rose hip extract in addition to collagen hydrolysate to help with joint pain. It has fasten the process of recovery by its natural anti-inflammation properties.

Rosehip is one of the ingredients other than the collagen hydrolysate (bioactive collagen peptides) in Recogen GOLD that aids in reducing anti-inflammation hence relieve pain in osteoarthritis patients. Also, it also reduces stiffness and swelling which are the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis patients. Recogen GOLD contains 90% bioactive collagen peptides and 10% rose hip extract that will not only help to aid reduce inflammation and pain, the bioactive collagen peptides helps to regenerate the “gel” in between joints and aids in cartilage regeneration over time.


Click on the link to view the research paper: observational_study _jointsol 2010_11_october_ traunreut_2011


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