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Parent’s Health is Our Greatest Gift 

In conjunction with parents day this year, we are thrilled to be collaborating with Langit Collective- offering your parents a nutritious and healthy bundle like never before with Langit’s exclusive Beras Rumie (Black Rice) and Layo (Ground Ginger) powder. 

Recogen®’s vision has always been about emphasizing on the quality of the ingredients- high quality ingredients develops a higher quality of life. Being one of the notable joint supplement brands in the market for over 15 years, Recogen® is dedicated to offer the best ingredients for a healthier wellbeing and enhancing mobility for an active lifestyle.

Recogen x Langit healthy bundle

About Langit 

Langit is a local Malaysian enterprise that aspired to bridge urban and rural economies. They introduced unique and heirloom agricultural produce by smallholder farmers from East Malaysia to larger markets, spreading the awareness of sustainably produced agricultural products to the entire nation. 


Beras Rumie (Black Rice)

Langit’s Beras Rumie is a semi-polished black rice that is packed with an abundance of nutrients and is high in antioxidants. The dark colour of the Rumie comes from the anthocyanin of the grain, being the source of antioxidants. Many have mistook it for black glutinous rice but in fact it is a normal rice that can be enjoyed for every meal all the time. According to Lilian, CEO of Langit Collective, Beras Rumie may be a normal rice but it emanates a sweet fragrance similar to the fragrance of black glutinous rice. 

Mango black rice dessert


Layo (Ground Ginger) powder

The word “Layo” means ginger in the Dusun Ethnic Language. The gingers are grown by smallholder farmers in Sabah to a maturity age of 1 year before being harvested. 

Ginger is among one of the healthiest (and also delicious) spices originating from South-East Asia. It has a long history of usage in both traditional and modern times. It has been used to aid digestion and commonly used to help fight the common flu and cold. Besides that, it is a delicious ingredient used to spice up our food.


Why with Langit?

Rice is a common staple food for the majority of Malaysians and rarely can we go for a day without eating rice. It is also an irresistible essential in our daily lives similar to consuming Recogen® on a daily basis for healthier and stronger joints that can allow us to lead an active lifestyle. 

Supporting our local farmers

Langit’s vision is to make rural communities completely self-sustaining and financially strong. They are currently working with 3 separate rural farming communities – rice farmers and pepper farmers from Sarawak, and ginger farmers from Sabah – delivering direct impact to all 69 farmer-partners through fair market prices and more sustainable farming practices.



Sustainably grown with the environment in mind

Aside from connecting the local quality produce to a wider audience, Langit’s farmer-partners are being actively guided to apply regenerative agriculture – a sustainable method of organic growing that encourages soil and environmental health, in addition to producing more high-quality and nutritious food.

Parent’s Day Gift of Health

Showing our love and appreciation to our parents does not require a grand gesture. It is the thought and intent that we carefully put in which matters the most. 

Spread the love and give them the healthiest bundle this Parent’s Day, sincerely by Recogen® x Langit.

今年的双亲节,我们很高兴能与LANGIT 合作,以LANGIT 独有的Beras Rumie(黑米)和Layo(姜粉)为您的父母提供前所未有的营养和健康。

Recogen x Langit healthy bundle

RECOGEN 以高品质为主

RECOGEN 一直以来都在强调原料的质量–高质量的原料能提高生活质量。15年来,作为市场上著名的关节补充剂品牌之一,RECOGEN 致力于提供最好的成分,使人们更健康,提高活动能力,以适应积极的生活方式。




LANGIT 的Beras Rumie是一种半抛光的黑米,含有丰富的营养物质和高抗氧化剂。Rumie的深色来自于谷物的花青素,是抗氧化剂的来源。许多人把它误认为是黑糯米,但实际上它是一种普通的大米,可作为我们每餐享用的粮食。据LANGIT 的首席执行官Lilian说,Beras Rumie是一种普通的大米,但它散发出的甜美香味与黑糯米的香味相似。


在杜松民族语言中,”Layo “一词是指生姜。姜是由沙巴州的小农户种植的,成熟期为1年,然后再进行收割。


为什么选择 LANGIT? 

米饭是大多数马来西亚人常见的主食,我们很少能一天不吃米饭。它也是我们日常生活中不可抗拒的必需品,类似于每天服用RECOGEN 以获得更健康和更强壮的关节。健康强壮的关节让我们能更积极的享受生活。


LANGIT 的愿景是使农村社区完全自给自足并在经济上强大。他们目前正与3个独立的农村农业社区合作–沙捞越的稻农和胡椒农,以及沙巴的姜农–通过公平的市场价格和更可持续的农业实践,为所有69个农民伙伴带来直接影响。


除了将当地的优质产品与大众联系起来,LANGIT 的农民伙伴正在被积极引导应用再生农业–一种可持续的有机种植方法,除了生产更多高质量和有营养的食物外,还促进土壤修复和有利环境健康。



在这个温馨又充满爱的双亲节,送给他们最健康的礼物,由RECOGEN  x LANGIT 真诚地提供。