Recogen has helped many with joint pain problem to regain mobility and live a more fulfilling life. Watch videos below from some of our satisfied customers:

Testimonial Disclaimer : Effectiveness of Recogen will also depend on the type of conditions and severity of joints. Duration and results can vary according to individuals. You may read up on the effects of Bioactive Collagen Peptide in helping joints and osteoarthritis here.


“I can feel my legs are lighter 2 days after taking Recogen.”

Dennis Tan

“One month later, I can walk without walking stick, my knee cap loosen, and I no longer need to go for operation.”

Pang Lian

“I can feel much improvement at my legs 2 weeks after taking Recogen.”

Tham Mei Yoong

“I was prescribed with Glucosamine by my doctor, but after taking for one month there was no improvement. However I can feel less pain on my knee one month after taking Recogen.”

Hong Yan Ling

One month after taking Recogen, I can feel much improvement at my knee”

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