Our parents, they always nurture, love and constantly place our needs before anything else.

Now it’s our turn to express our gratitude and show how much we love them by giving them the ingredients of the finest quality.

In conjunction with parents day this year, we are thrilled to be collaborating with Langit Collective– offering your parents a nutritious and healthy bundle like never before with Langit’s exclusive Beras Rumie (Black Rice) and Layo (Ground Ginger) powder.


Why with Langit?

Langit aspires to bridge urban and rural economies.

Rice is a common staple food for the majority of Malaysians and rarely can we go for a day without eating rice. It is also an irresistible essential in our daily lives. As a nation, Malaysia is reliant on imported rice to meet local demands. The country remains a net importer of rice despite being a producer.

As part of our collaboration we are taking a step forward to support our local farmers in improving the livelihoods of rural communities and spreading the awareness of our locally produced agricultural goods that is sustainably grown with the environment in mind.

Langit promotes unique and heirloom agricultural produce by smallholder farmers from East Malaysia to larger markets. Langit products are sourced directly from farmers and procured at a fair price – a minimum of 35% of the retail proceeds go directly to the farmers.


Beras Rumie (Black rice)

This semi-polished heirloom black rice is rich in abundance of nutrients while emanating the fragrance similar to the black glutinous rice. Carefully grown by the Lun Bawang farmers in Long Semadoh Valley, Lawas; Sarawak.


1 x Recogen Gold (30 Sachet / Box)
+ 5 FREE Recogen (Original)  Sachet

Nourish Cartilage + Cartilage Regeneration for improved mobility.

Recogen is made from 100% pure collagen Bioactive Collagen Peptides, commonly known as hydrolyzed gelatin effectively stimulates the production of collagen. Recogen dissolves easily in both warm and cold drinks, such as juices and milk. It is odourless and tasteless, allowing you to enjoy Recogen with your favourite daily beverage while maintaining stronger joints and improved mobility.

At Only RM 220 (While Stock Last)

(from 9 May – 30 June Only. While Stock Last)


2 x Recogen Gold (30 Sachet / Box)
+ 5 FREE Recogen Gold Sachet
+ Extra 5 FREE Recogen (Original)  Sachet
Beras Rumie (Black rice)
Layo (Ground Ginger) powder

Mega Combo with 2 Boxes of Recogen Gold + Langit Beras Rumie + Layo is ginger in the Dusun ethnic language. The gingers are grown by smallholder farmers to a maturity age of 1 year before being harvested.

At only RM 445 (While Stock Last)

(from 9 May – 30 June Only. While Stock Last)

Sample Dishes

There’s a range of many different ways of preparing Langit Beras Lumie, Layo and Recogen. Be creative and turn them into scrumptious meals.

Ingredients- The key to a healthy wellbeing

Both Recogen and Langit are made from high quality natural ingredients. Carefully selecting our food ingredients has always been a usual norm for everyone whenever we shop at our favourite supermarket or the usual “Pasar pagi”, it is the ultimate key to prepare a scrumptious and nutritious home-cooked meal.

Being in the market for over 15 years, Recogen have always emphasized on the importance of high quality ingredients. Dedicated to offer the best ingredients for a healthier wellbeingenhancing mobility and build stronger joints.

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